reFRESH Housekeeping & Concierge Services Inc. strives to provide high-quality, conscientious and efficient services to our clients.


“Client” means the person, firm or corporate body together with any subsidiary or associated company, as defined by the laws of the Province of Ontario, to whom services are supplied by or on behalf of reFRESH Housekeeping & Concierge Services Inc.

“reFRESH” means reFRESH Housekeeping & Concierge Services Inc. References to “our” are references to reFRESH. 

“Service” means the cleaning and/or concierge services that reFRESH and the Client contract for. This includes  residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, housekeeping services, meal preparation, home cooking, hosting, decluttering and organizing, furniture assembly, queue waiting and errand running.

“Service Provider” means the contractor engaged with reFRESH who will be providing services to the Client.

In agreeing to use reFRESH, the Client acknowledges and agrees to the following terms and conditions:


Collection and Use of Private Personal Information

1. Through our service delivery model, reFRESH is required to collect, use and disclose (where permitted by law or required for the provision of Services) Client personal information. reFRESH promises to only collect personal information required to effectively provide the Services to our Clients and to improve our services to our Clients and agrees to keep all personal information related to its Clients private and confidential. 

2. reFRESH does not collect, use or disclose any personal information about a Client to a third party without the consent of the Client, except where required by law, requested by law enforcement or as authorized to do so by the Privacy Act or any other relevant legislation.

3. reFRESH utilizes password-protected software to store and maintain its client database which contains personal information about the Client. Personal information includes, but is not limited to a Client’s name, address, telephone number and email address, all of which must be disclosed to reFRESH Service Providers for services to be completed. reFRESH’s Service Providers have acknowledged their obligation to maintain Client personal information confidential and will only use it to fulfill the requirements of their service to reFRESH and to the Client. 

4. The Client is entitled to examine his/her/its personal information in reFRESH’s possession, subject to any restrictions imposed by law. Clients may also request rectification of inaccurate or incomplete information. If applicable, reFRESH will disclose this information to the person concerned or rectify it promptly.

5. In the course of performing services for or on behalf of the Client, reFRESH Service Providers and/or their agents, may take photos, audio and/or visual records. reFRESH reserves the right to use all photographs, audio and/or video recordings of the performance of its services for promotional purposes.

Payment for Services

6.  All fees for Services are due upon confirmation of the Client’s booking and are payable by credit card or Paypal.

7. reFRESH may, from time to time, receive a deposit from the Client, the amount of which will be based on the Service requested.

8. All outstanding balances for Services rendered are due within 7 days of invoicing, failing which, interest on the accrued and outstanding balance will be charged.

9. reFRESH reserves the right, in its own absolute discretion, to cancel and/or reschedule any Service for which partial payment from the Client was not received at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled Service delivery time.

10. From time to time, reFRESH’s rate may  need to be adjusted and revisions may be required to the Client’s invoice and/or payment method. reFRESH will advise the Client as soon as possible of any such revisions.

11. Tips are not expected, but always welcome. If the Client wishes to tip the Service Provider, a tip in the range of 10-15% of the total cost (including HST) of the Services rendered is recommended. Tips may be paid to reFRESH for remittance to the Service Provider or provided directly to the Service Provider in cash or by personal cheque.

12. All prices are subject to change without notice. All amounts are payable in Canadian dollars. All prices shown or quoted are exclusive of HST unless otherwise stated.

Service Delivery

13. Estimates of service duration are based on the information provided by the Client to reFRESH at the time of booking. In the event that reFRESH determines that sufficient time was not booked for the service requested by the Client, reFRESH retains the right to cancel,  modify or reschedule the Client’s booking based on the time required to complete the service required.

14. Unless specifically requested in advance from reFRESH and agreed to by reFRESH in writing, the Client agrees to provide all required utilities (heat, water and hydroelectricity) and to supply all household supplies and equipment in good working order (including kitchenwares, broom, mop, bucket, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, dryer and detergent) to the reFRESH Service Provider for the effective completion of the service booked.

15. In their discretion, Service Providers may not empty garbage bins where it appears that confidential information may be discarded. Further, Service Providers will not throw away any items left around, under, on top or besides designated garbage bins. 

16. If there are specific areas within the Client’s premises that he/she/it does not wish for the reFRESH Service Provider to address, such areas will be indicated at the time of booking.

17. The Client will provide access to the service property to reFRESH in advance of every cleaning service, including the provision of the location and passcode, if any, of all lockboxes and alarm systems. In the event that reFRESH Service Providers are required to travel to a different location from the service location to retrieve any keys to access the service property, a transportation fee may apply.

18. reFRESH will not be held responsible for any costs associated with a false alarm system activations or deactivation, particularly in circumstances where incorrect information was provided to reFRESH and/or its Service Provider.

19. All confidential, valuable and fragile items belonging to the Client must be safely and securely stored prior to the commencement of any service within the Client’s premises.  

20. All pets within the Client’s premises must be properly secured in a secluded area or in an appropriate kennel prior to and for the duration of the Service Providers’ attendance on site. Service Providers do not clean pet boxes, and unless specifically requested, do not water household plants.

Health and Safety

21. The Client acknowledges that engaging with reFRESH may present elements of risk including the risk of exposure to communicable diseases (such as influenza, coronavirus and MRSA). The Client understands and voluntarily assumes any and all risks of exposure to illness as a result of a Service Provider entering a Client’s premises or engaging with the Client personally. 

22. The Client agrees that when contact with Service Providers is required, to use caution, maintain appropriate physical distancing and wear appropriate clothing and personal protective equipment, including face masks where necessary.

23. In the event that the Client and/or the Service Provider is ill and it is suspected and/or confirmed that said illness may be contagious, the Client and/or reFRESH, as the case may be, will be contacted as soon as possible to reschedule the service booked. 

24. The use of abusive, harassing or offensive behaviour is unacceptable, whether verbal, physical or visual. This includes any demeaning, insulting, embarrassing or intimidating behaviour directed at any Service Provider related to race, colour, gender, national origin, age, religious creed, physical or mental disability, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, immigration status or another characteristic protected by law. If any such behaviour or conduct is discovered, whether directly or indirectly by reFRESH, the relationship between reFRESH and the Client will be terminated with immediate effect and no refunds will be due.

Service Providers

25. Service Providers have been screened and trained by reFRESH prior to their commencement of service with reFRESH.

26. Service Providers are independent contractors who are fully responsible for the payment of all source deductions and income taxes. 

27. Service Providers are required to complete all waivers and to comply with all reFRESH and public health and safety measures, including the completion of the provincial government’s COVID-19 screening questionnaire prior to providing any services on behalf of reFRESH.


28. reFRESH maintains general commercial liability insurance. This policy will cover the company for any accidental damage or theft, reported to reFRESH within 24 hours of the service completion date. 

29. Service Providers may not be covered under reFRESH’s liability insurance policy and it is recommended that they obtain and maintain their own liability insurance policies.  The Client agrees to assume all risks associated with the Service Provider’s failure and/or inability to procure such insurance.

Feedback and Claims

30. From time to time, reFRESH may require that the Client and/or its representative, be present at the serviced premises for the duration of the service booked. At a minimum, reFRESH welcomes the Client’s presence at the start and end of all Services booked for the purposes of carrying out pre-and-post Service inspections, where applicable.

31. The Client will provide feedback to reFRESH within 48 hours of the completion of a completed Service. 

32. reFRESH will not complete Services not previously booked by the Client unless the Client agrees , in writing or by prepaying for such Service, to cover the costs associated with any additional Services requested on site. 

33. No refunds will be provided to the Client in the event of the Client’s dissatisfaction with a completed Service. reFRESH reserves the right to offer the Client a credit towards a future service. 

34. Under no circumstance, will reFRESH be liable to the Client for:

a. Completing tasks for which the Client had not previously requested and is not willing to agree, in writing, to cover the costs associated therewith;

b. The level of service provided, in the event that the Client does not provide or supply the necessary utilities, materials, supplies and/or equipment required to complete the service booked;

c. Unauthorized and/or third parties entering the Client’s premises while any Service Provider is on site; 

d. Wear or discolouration of any fabric and/or surface once dirt has been removed by any Service Provider;

e. Any Service Provider’s inability to remove old, stubborn stains within the Client’s premises;

f. Any Service Provider’s inability to obtain a product and/or service booked in the concierge category;

g. Damage to the Client’s premises and/or property as a result of supplies or equipment supplied by the Client, including, without limitation, as a result of faulty on inappropriate supplies or equipment supplied by the Client; or

h. Any unsecured pets leaving or escaping from the Client’s premises upon entry or exit of any Service Provider. 

35. In the event of a breakage, theft or other complaint and/or claim, the Client must notify reFRESH in writing within 24 hours of the date on which the Service was completed (such period being the “Claim Period”). Failure to do so will result in the Client being disentitled to any relief and/or compensation from reFRESH and/or its insurer, and the Client hereby irrevocably waives any right to make a complaint and/or claim against reFRESH after the expiration of the Claim Period. All complaints and claims must be submitted, in writing, to reFRESH via email or letter mail to the reFRESH registered office at 800 Steeles Avenue West, Suite 10182, Thornhill, Ontario, L4J 7L2. 

36. Upon receipt of a complaint and/or claim, reFRESH will respond to the Client within 72 hours.

Cancellation of Service

37. From time to time, circumstances arise that may necessitate the cancellation of a confirmed booking. The Client agrees to email reFRESH or to cancel their services via the reFRESH website as soon as possible (and at least 24-hours) before the confirmed booking to request a cancellation. 

38. A $50 cancellation fee applies to all services cancelled by the Client where less than 24 hours notice was provided or if reFRESH is unable to access the service premises for reasons outside of its control.

Termination of Services

39. The Client agrees that for a period of one year following the termination of the relationship between the Client and reFRESH, the Client will not use, hire, contract with or in any way solicit the services of any Service Provider introduced to the Client by reFRESH. In the event that the Client and/or the Service Provider breaches this term, the Client will pay a $1,000 referral fee to reFRESH, which payment is due within 7 days of the Client and Service Provider entering into a service agreement. 

reFRESH reserves the right to make any updates, changes, amendments, supplements, extension, and replacements to any part of these Terms and Conditions without giving any prior notice to the Client. Whilst reFRESH shall undertake reasonable endeavours to notify the Client; the Client hereby agrees to make themselves acquantained with any such changes, amendments, supplements, extension, and replacements in the text of these Terms and Conditions; and the Client further agrees that publication of Terms and Conditions on the reFRESH website shall constitute sufficient notice to the Client.